NOTICE – AVISO: #covid_19

UNA CONSULTING, INVESTMENTS & APARTMENTS communicates, with due regard for the determinations of the National and Municipal Government and Health Authorities [Government Contingency Plan] that, from March 14 to April 6, 2020, face-to-face activities will be closed at public. The Services will be provided through and through the available electronic and digital media. The activities and internal work will continue to be provided and executed with the excellence of always. UNA CONSULTING, INVESTMENTS & APARTMENTS is available and ready for all customers, partners and employees to, at this moment, as in all others, to assist the needs and doubts that may arise.

If you need, or have any questions, contact us through the website, our telephone contacts, e-mails and social networks. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! TOGETHER WE WIN! MORE THAN EVER UNA [se] AND BE A LEVEL UP!

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